Thursday, June 23, 2011

[.don't try to stop us.]

This has very little to do with drawing, but in 2009 I took a ridiculous trip up part of the East Coast. During the course of this week-long, solitary excursion of hitch-hiking, Greyhound-ing, and (in the beginning and end of all of it) catching airplanes, I shot about 9 or 10 rolls of B&W film (mostly Kodak, but one Ilford HP5, though that doesn't matter much). Starting in Chapel Hill, NC (where I went for a free parking lot show of the band The Love Language), then catching a bus up to Washington, DC for 3 days or so, and then finally on to New York City for another 3 days or so, I spent a bit of time photographically exploring the different cities, and generally just exploring. So, here are some of the shots I liked best from the first roll I got back, from NYC.

Eventually, I will make hand-printed copies of all of this, and perfect the values on each. But these are the scanned negatives, for now.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

[.the concert.]

So, I sketched this out after work one night, while the Microdots were playing... A week ago yesterday? Yeah, that sounds right. Anyways, thought I'd just go ahead and share this. I'm doing some fixes on my website right now, and otherwise just continuing to work on paintings and the "Watcher in the Fall" book project. Publication date is coming up, so I have until the end of June to finish the book cover for it. Otherwise, just starting to do some other sketches for it (vehicle design, creature design, characters, environments, and other illustrations) and I may be designing a written language. I am gonna have a helluva body of work out of this.

Anyways, here's the Concert sketch. I may bring this into painting form in August or September, too.